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Equipment for greenhouses

How to set the film holders on the tube?
  • Film holders are set by first placed in
    hot water to soften it a bit or is the holder
    supplies and basic foil put a piece of thick foil (usually
    of bags of fertilizer or drip tape)
    to avoid splitting the main sheet during installation
    bias because of the large holders. In case of any problems
    call for advice.
  • At what height are suction strainers from your production program applicable?
    - The suction strainers are applied at depths up to 10m of water column.
  • Does a rubber suction hoses width effect couplings and suction strainers application?
    - Unlike some “quick” couplings that can be applied only onto rubber suction hoses having the wall depth of a specific range; our couplings and suction heads can be placed on the rubber suction hoses irrespectively from the rubber suction hoses's width.
  • Can your couplings and suction heads be placed on rubber suction hoses with hard walls?
    - They can, but there is a great problem of sealing between the rubber suction hoses and the products and of the coupling hardness, so that it can come to “fliting” of the product from the rubber suction hoses. That is why we recommend that these products are placed on soft wall rubber suction hoses.
  • In what way is the hardness of the contact between couplings and suction heads with rubber suction hoses achieved?
    - The hardness is accomplished by applying couplings that we can also offer, used for clamping rubber suction hoses.
  • What is the strength of plastic versus metal couplings?
    - Plastic couplings have completely appropriate coupling hardness. They are not in the level of metal couplings, but are equally functional at lower pressures used in agricultural irrigation. The advantage of plastic over metal couplings is that the price-quality relation is better.
Tomos pump parts
  • Are the parts for Tomos pump of the same quality as the parts of the first setting up?
    - Yes, they are produced in a way that they completely correspond to the parts of the first setting up, concerning the quality and look.
  • What is the reservoir volume?
    - The reservoir volume is about 3 liters.
Diaphragms for fruit sprinklers ( used with tractors’ and other)
  • Have you got a diaphragm for my sprinkler?
    - Yes, of course. We have a wide range of sprinklers’ diaphragms of various producers: ''Mоrаvа'' - Pozarevac, ''Аgromehanica'' - Kranj, Imovili, Commet - Italy, Rau and others. If we do not currently have a specific diaphragm, we will make it in the shortest time possible, according to your sample or picture.
Rubber suction hose rib
  • Can the length of rubber suction rubber suction hose ribs be adjusted by cutting the rubber suction hoses at a specific length?
    - No. Rubber suction rubber suction hoses ribs are made in standard dimensions so that at the ends there is a part through which there is only in-line screen, without the wire; so that the sealing elements or the suction head could be tightened by a rubber suction hose clip.
Broad use
  • What is the chalk thickness that a holder of chalks can take?
    - The chalk holder can take chalks from 11,5mm to 13mm diameter.
  • What type of bottles can your plastic bottle lids shut?
    - Our bottle lids can shut glass bottles without coils (mineral water, wine, beer bottles and the like) at both inner and outer side of the neck.