Welcome to a presentation of “Tehnouniverzal”, a company situated in Velika Drenova.

Теhnоuniverzal is a private company with more than 40 years family tradition. We have recognizible products of proven quality present at domestic market. In our production and sales program you will find spare parts for “ Tomos” pumps, irrigation equipment (suction heads, PVC seals and pipes), as well as broad consumption products made of plastic.

In our production program we have spare parts, plastic and rubber products for "Tomos" irrigation pumps, other equipment will be delivered for irrigation (suction (plastic and aluminum), clamps (plastic and aluminum), suction and delivery hoses, rubber and plastic products, rubber membrane for tractors and power fruit and vineyard sprayers, equipment for installation of greenhouses (foil holders on metal pipes form for greenhouses 1 / 2 ", 3 / 4" and 1" ), products for construction and joinery (new), packaging for cosmetics and consumer products ...



Holder of greenhouse foils for metal pipes

Our quality criterion is your satisfaction with our products.